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The site is owned by a private investment company with CO-RE having been appointed to lead the development team.

The Daily Express Building has been vacant for some time and is in need of restoration and investment to preserve its iconic status and to allow us to open up the building for members of the public to enjoy.

River Court has a number of issues which can only be addressed through redevelopment, including poor sustainability credentials, inactive and unwelcoming frontages, and office floorplates which are inflexible having been developed for a single occupier who has now left the site.

Yes, the Daily Express Building is Grade II* listed due to its outstanding design and long association with the newspaper industry.

River Court is not listed, but it is currently connected to the Daily Express Building.

An application for Listed Building Consent for works to the Daily Express Building was approved as part of the planning permission from November 2021.

The boundary for the Fleet Street Conservation Area runs through the Site, with the Daily Express Building situated within the Conservation Area and the River Court building lying just outside the Conservation Area boundary

Planning permission was granted in November 2021, following engagement with the local area in early-2021.

The enabling works have started on site and demolition is due to commence in Q2 2022.

The main works are due to start in late Q1 2023 and practical competition is scheduled for Q1 2026.

Practical completion is scheduled for Q1 2026.

We have decided to change the name of the building from River Court to 120 Fleet Street.

The Daily Express Building will retain its existing, historic name.

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